How to travel from Ballina to Dubbo, Australia

The distance between Ballina and Dubbo is around 617km (383 miles) and the quickest way to get there is to fly which takes around 1h 55m.

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We've found 6 different ways to get from Ballina to Dubbo by plane, bus, train and car. The recommended routes, which include information on duration, ticket price, and level of difficulty, can be found below.

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Fly from Ballina (BNK) to Dubbo (DBO).

  • Duration1h 55m
  • Flight time1h 45m
  • Typical cost
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+ 2 others
3 x bus


Take the bus to Coffs Harbour then Tamworth and then to Dubbo Station Coach Bay 4.

  • Duration13h 25m
  • Departstwice a week
  • Typical cost
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Bus and Train

Take the bus to Casino Station Coach Bay then take the train to Maitland Station then take the bus to Dubbo.

  • Duration15h 30m
  • Departs3 times a week
  • Typical cost
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Drive to Dubbo.

  • Duration9h 25m
  • Distance750km (466 miles)
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Frequently asked questionsabout travel between Ballina and Dubbo

There are several options for getting from Ballina to Dubbo by plane, bus, train and car. The cheapest option is to take the bus and then take the train which costs around A$90 ($61) and will take around 15h 30m. If you need to get there more quickly, you can fly and arrive in approximately 1h 55m, though it is a bit more costly at approximately A$345 ($235).

The distance between Ballina and Dubbo is around 617km (383 miles).

It takes around 1h 55m to get from Ballina and Dubbo by plane. If you are travelling by car it will take around 9h 25m to drive there.

The quickest way to get from Ballina to Dubbo is to fly which takes around 1h 55m and will set you back approx A$345 ($235).

The cheapest way to travel between Ballina and Dubbo, if you exclude driving, is to take the bus and then take the train which will typically cost around A$90 ($61) for a standard one-way ticket.

Train travel

There is no train service that runs between Ballina and Dubbo. We recommend that you fly from Ballina (BNK) to Dubbo (DBO). instead which will take 1h 55m.

Bus travel

Yes there is a bus that runs regularly from Ballina and Dubbo. It typically takes around 13h 25m and departs twice a week.

There are no direct bus services that runs from Ballina to Dubbo. However, you can instead can take several connecting buses with changeovers in Coffs Harbour and Tamworth. These services run twice a week and will take a minimum of 13h 25m.

Greyhound Australia, Premier Motor Service, New England Coaches, NSW TrainLink and Sid Foggs Coaches run regular bus services between Ballina and Dubbo. Buses run twice a week and take around 13h 25m on average but will vary depending on you book with.

Flights and Airlines

Yes you can fly from Ballina and Dubbo. Flights depart from Ballina (BNK) and arrive at Dubbo (DBO). The flight takes around 1h 45m.

Yes there is a direct flight between Ballina and Dubbo with no stop-overs required. Flights typically take around 1h 45m.

FlyPelican, Jetstar and Qantas fly between Ballina and Dubbo. Flights depart from Ballina (BNK) and and arrive into Dubbo (DBO). These flights usually take around 1h 45m.

The flight from Ballina to Dubbo typically takes around 1h 45m. Flights depart from Ballina (BNK) and and arrive into Dubbo (DBO).

The closest major airport to Dubbo is Dubbo City Regional Airport (DBO) (DBO) which is approximately 4km (3 miles) from Dubbo. Parkes Airport (PKE) (PKE) and Sydney Airport (SYD) (SYD) are also nearby and might be a better alternative airport depending on where you are flying from.

Drive yourself

Yes it is possible to drive from Ballina and Dubbo. The distance is around 750km (466 miles) by road and it will take around 9h 25m in normal traffic conditons.

If you don't have a car, the easiest way to get from Ballina to Dubbo is to fly which takes, on average, 1h 55m and will usually cost around A$345 ($235).

How do I get from Ballina to Dubbo

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Transport options from Ballina to Dubbo
Transport optionDurationCostFrequencyDistance
1h 55m
every 2 hours617km (383 miles)
Bus + 2 similar
13h 25m
twice a week896km (557 miles)
Bus via Hexham15h 50m
3 times a week1,035km (643 miles)
Bus via Newcastle16h 10m
3 times a week1,058km (657 miles)
Bus and Train
15h 30m
3 times a week1,052km (653 miles)
9h 25m
on demand750km (466 miles)

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Airports near Dubbo

The following major airports near Dubbo offer regular flights to various popular destinations within Australia and internationally.

Dubbo City Regional Airport (DBO)
Domestic Airport
4km (3 miles) from Dubbo
Parkes Airport (PKE)
Domestic Airport
105km (65 miles) from Dubbo
Sydney Airport (SYD)
International Airport
305km (189 miles) from Dubbo